Aesch / Forch - Magic Places of Switzerland
 Forch monument at Zollikon

Closely connected with Aesch in the munici pality Maur is Forch, admited through the  monument from the first world war. At the stairway to the monument it must have  been a place of victims. A cave with a celtic tomb still has a negative, diminishing effect (3`000 Bovis units).

The whole zone, seems like something special and some spots achieve for Switzerland uniques peak values of  750`000 Bovis units as at the locality of Aesch!

Forch with Forch monument

In Aesch near Forch, we find a central system of force lines with world-wide meridian linkages. The occuring vibration values are on a higher dimension that the ground bounded, because they work on a cosmic level.

Which are those mysterious force and baselines we can now measure in this modern age? Since 1970 the intensity of the Bovis units generally and everywhere is growing!

We can also observe that these modification processes runs parallel to the heating up of the atmosphere and to more frequent earthquakes.

Place of strength at Aesch / Maur

The soil of Switzerland is connected with world-wide meridians. A special point of  interrest is at Aesch. It is a hill near Aesch,  who seems to appear like thousands others, but here we find, in free nature, the rarity of 750`000 Bovis units.

As in the 15. Century the plague raged and  returned every ten years until the 17. Century, such places spares of the epidemic…

Aesch / Forch
Aesch / Forch

Aesch/Forch – Canton Zurich

N47° 19.703′ / E08° 38.819′