Backpacking in Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the top destinations to visit, you do not need to mark Switzerland off your list just because its winter.

Switzerland is truly an amazing place, packed with so many beautiful and magic places and different cultures for you to see. Just jump on a train or airplane and you will find yourself in an entirely different culture in just a few hours. For all the backpackers that would like to go out and explore, this makes Switzerland a golden destination for them.

Since its winter, you would probably go for skiing. There are plenty of places to go when traveling to Switzerland this year but the highlight is the town of Interlaken. The skiing there is simply amazing and is one of those things that you will love to do at least once in your life.

Backpacking is simply one of the best ways to travel. The basis of backpacking in Switzerland is cheap which will in turn make your money last even longer and extend your trip; however backpacking Switzerland is not for everyone though as it involves traveling cheap, but then again there are many reasons to love backpacking in Switzerland that include:

  • Time has no meaning when backpacking!

This would most likely become your favorite thing about backpacking in Switzerland as there will be no specific time when you will have to wake up and be a specific place. When you go for backpacking, you are free to do whatever you like. To sum it up in perfect words it would be ‘you have nowhere to be and everywhere to go’.

  • Lugging around your backpack everywhere you go!

Your backpack will be the holder of everything you need at any time so it will be better to fit everything you need inside it. It will make you feel like you are a part of some elite club where there are no very many members.

  • Street Food

Who doesn’t like to try street food when visiting another country? Not only will it be cheap but also authentic. It will also give you a taste of the culture and help you get to know the country more as you eat among all the locals sharing their stories with you.

  • Meeting different people

While backpacking in Switzerland, it will be easy for you to meet people and socialize. You will already have one thing in common and that would be backpacking. Once you will break out of your shell, talking to people will become easy and soon enough you will have friends all over the country who will give you place to sleep if you are in their neck of woods.

  • Activities

One of the best things about backpacking is the crazy activities you can become a part of along the way. Life is all about making memorable moments and having stories to tell everyone so just grab your backpack and set out to explore and make new friends.

Backpacking in Switzerland

Backpacking Tips for Beginners

Before you set out, make sure you have all that is on your backpacking list and be sure you know how to use the gear that you will be taking along.

Before backpacking you should consider such factors like the length of your trip and the difficulty as well any other considerations like hiking or etc. Make sure you have the guide book of the place you are visiting in case you get lost and take advice from well-traveled friends.

First time backpacking? Here are some simple and basic backpacking tips for you to have a great time ad go a long way without any problem.

  • Pack less

The main key to backpacking the right way is to pack light. Stick to this rule and you will be all set and will be able to also save extra money with airlines for not paying extra luggage.

  • Only take what’s important!

There is seriously no need to bring along your favorite ring or earrings you got on a special occasion. While backpacking, the truck is to only have the things you will need on hand. Remember to only have things that you do not mind much while replacing.

  • Always let someone know!

Most often people make the mistake of not telling anyone while going on a trip. Even if you do not want your mom or dad o know, just let anyone know where you going just to be on the safe side.

  • Take your snacks along!

Taking long some extra snacks and energy bars along the way will help you fight your hunger cravings while exploring the county. Snacking during the day by just grabbing out your favorite snack from your backpack you will easily save money for other things.

  • Walk!

While backpacking in Switzerland, walk instead of taking a cab. Walking a little will be good for you and also your wallet. However, if the place is put of your walking range, take a metro; they tend to cost only two dollars.

  • Watch out for scam artists and pickpockets!

Many countries even the top ones, has scam artists or pocket thieves all around. These people are mostly trained to feed on the tourists with backpacks. The best way to keep your essentials from getting stolen while backpacking is keeping them somewhere you can see easily.

Perhaps the best thing about backpacking in Switzerland in winters is the lack of tourists. The local people will be in less of a sell, sell mode. The ace of life will be more relaxing and the best thing to do will be to hang out with locals in little shops and socialize. Since it is an off season, people will be more than happy to chat day and night. And if you get your tourist urge just grab your backpack and get into museums or any other cultural places without having to wait in lines or traveling back to a hotel room you booked.

So it comes down to just you and your backpack in Switzerland, feel free to do whatever you want and go where you want! – You may find some interesting spots to start with in the magic places directory – your magic guide to explore Switzerland! 😉

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