Doubs Falls

Tip - Try the trouts!
Doubs Falls - Place of strength

The Doubs is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Jura. He forms on a distance of 40 kilometers the natural boundary between France and Switzerland. The entire Doubs valley is beautiful and has an enormous biological variety. However (like so often) it`s threatens from different sites.

The project “Création d`un parc naturel régional dans la vallée du Doubs” which will be realized in the year 2002, makes sense and need to be supported.

Saut du Doubs

With increasing proximity to the Doubs falls, which belongs  with 30`000 Bovis units to the  high energy places in Switzerland, we see the typical powerplace vegetation with much moss. The spicy smell of the forest is balsam for nose and soul, the noise of the river seems to drag along our never resting thoughts. – we feel animated, calm and contently.

It dosn`t surprised therefore that this place is a popular trip target. – Let`s carry concern to it!

Magical Doubs - canton Jura

Thoughts need silence,
in order to develop.

Tones need silence,
in order to be heard.

The soul needs silence,
in order to breath.

Saut du Doubs - Tip - Forellen essen
Doubs Falls

Doubs Falls – Canton Neuchâtel

N47° 05.116′ / E06° 42.681′