Magic Places of Switzerland - Engstlenalp
 Gnarled tree on the Engstlenalp

At 1837 meters about sea level, near Innertkirchen, we find a noticing alp-settlement, the Engstlenalp.

Knobby old trees, surrounded by a sea of alpine roses and healing herbs, carry us off into a fairy tale world, which was estimated already by Göthe and Einstein…

Engstlenalp lake - good for fishing!

Surrounded by snow-covered Giants, a turquoise colored  jewel under that alpine lakes sparkles here. The lake attracts many fishermans and travelers, who will find a really paradisiac landscape here.

This area points a natural radioactivity of 27 micro Roentgen per hour, which correcponds on the radioactivity at the Himalaya.

Why go so far…

Place of strength at Engstlenalp

On a hill, east of the small hotel on the alp, we find a very strong place of power. With its 48`000 Bovis units, this place reaches the same radiation emittance as the pyramids of Gizeh! Here are situated 14 strips of radiation into all directions.

In ca. 8 meters distance rises a high cult stone beside a fir is grown. A stone board  is situated between  which seems to be a hindrance for the approximation (3`000 Bovis units).

beautiful nature at Engstlenalp
Magic Places - Engstlenalp

Engstlenalp – Canton Bern

N46° 46.528′ / E08° 21.041′