Ermitage of Arlesheim

Magical Places - Ermitage of Arlesheim
Fantastic nature at Ermitage of Arleshein

A completely fantastic place we can find in Arlesheim near Basel: The Ermitage. The Ermitage does not only belong, together with the hollow rock and the “Hollenberg”- caves to the oldest, well-known settlement places of the canton, it points with 75`000 Bovis units also an extremely high earth radiation.

You can see it on the nummerous mistletoes and the crippled growth of the trees.

roots winds around the trees

The Ermitage is situated in the famous english garden, which Heinrich von Ligerz, Franz Carl von Andlau and Balbina von Staal, gave 1785 in order. It is so created, that nature if possible remains oneself. You will find a romantic idyl, with ponds, bizarre caves,  foaming cascades, splendourful old trees and the ruins of a  house of an hermit.

Near this wonderful place of silence  you will find the Birseck- and the Reichenstein castles.

Inscription in the Hermitage of Arlesheim

Leave yourselves to the charms of this place of strength, who tightened in far times poets and philosophers from hole Europe…

Explore the caves and the house of the hermit, which lived here and feel the meaning of the inscription:

              ” O luck-blessed isolation –
                      O only luch blessedness”

Kraftplatz Ermitage von Arlesheim
Ermitage of Arlesheim

Ermitage – Canton Basel-Land

N47° 29.480′ / E07° 37.698′