Externsteine im Teutoburger Wald

The Externsteine

Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany

Walpurgis night and the summer solstice

The Externsteine in the heart of the Teutoburg forest near Horn-Bad Meinberg are one of the most well-known strength places in Germany. The Teutoburg forest annually attracts numerous visitors, who allow themselves to be captivated by the beauty and the charm of this natural monument. Particularly during Walpurgis night and the summer solstice many people who are interested in esotericism and mysticism gather around the big oak tree, to feel this strength place’s mysterious power, one can hardly withdraw himself from its fascination. Different vestiges prove that approximately 10,000 years ago people were already there.

The exact origin of the name is not known. The modern spelling of “Externsteine” probably originated in the 19th century. The Externsteine are located in the Horn-Bad Meinberger quarter Holzhausen-Externsteine in the Teutoburg forest, adjacent to the Egge Hills.

Grab bei den Externsteinen

History of the Externsteine

The Externsteine were formed approx. 70 million years ago by earth shifts. The four main rocks extend up to 47 meters towering over the Teutoburger forest and give the impression of castle towers, surrounded by the pictorial Wiembecketeich, which lends an especially radiant aura to the backdrop. The rocks seem partially untouched by human hand but have partially been worked on. The northeast side, which was worked on, is considered the front side, the one facing southwest as the back side. The front with its numerous work marks gives the appearance of a ruin.

A part the rocks can be reached via stairway steps cut into the rock, two rocks are connected by a bridge. From up there one can give himself to the pictorial view across the Lipper land. Inside the rocks there are various caves with reliefs and inscriptions. Among other things a grave which looks like a sarcophagus and a chapel-like area with an altar niche and a round window. Some regard it as a Germanic place of worship, but scientists have another explanation: They see the caves, chambers and the sarcophagus as a kind memorial place for the grave of Jesus Christ. The individual areas were developed over a very long period and were probably finished approx. in the mid 12th century, for which the big cross relief might also be an indicator.

Nevertheless, the belief in the Teutoburg forest’s Externsteine as s Germanic place of worship persists. They are considered a pre-Christian symbol, although no one actually knows whether they ever played this role at all. Only Stone Age era knifes which were found there could be proven. However, they are only an indication for Stone Age humans having been there, not of any ritual actions. Astronomers on the other hand found proof that a part of the stones were used as an observatory.

Externsteine - Teutoburger Wald

Externsteine – Teutoburg forest

Not just esoterics consider the Externsteine a strength place. Beside these witches, Druids and Germanic religious communities also gather for special celebrations such as Walpurgis Night and the summer solstice. During these celebrations camping in the area around the Externsteine is allowed. Bizarre rock formations like the Externsteine have always fascinated and magically attracted people. They believed that at such a strength places they could feel the presence of the Gods, spirits or nature creatures. Cultic rituals took place. Many myths and legends surround this strength place. There are numerous reports that visitors, who went into the Externsteine grave, notice a tingling in their body. Diviners explain this phenomenon with the presence of two water veins, which cross there. In ten minutes one should be able to load up energetically. The mystical aura of the place can certainly be felt, if one looks up at the rock or looks at them from the lake.

Die Externsteine - der Kraftort im Teutoburger Wald

No matter whether proven or not, the place exercises a mysterious fascination on people, and we cannot deny it not even in our rational day and age. We can load up there, feel its mystical aura and simply absorb the strength of the Externsteine in peace.