Der Königspalast (Grand Palace) in Bangkok

Grand Palace (Kings Palace)

Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand

The grand palace is in the heart of Thailand (formerly Siam) in the capital of Bangkok and is considered to this very day an important building of magnificent and glorious Thai architecture. Like most buildings of this kind, the royal palace served as a kind of royal residence and at the same time as a testament to the splendor and the power of the ruling kings. Even today the Thai know of the meaning of the grand palace and worship the place with fervor and national pride.

Wat Phra Kaeo, Bangkok, Thailand

Resurrected from ruins – the origins of the royal palace

As already mentioned, the construction of the big palace is based in a defeat of the Burma over Siam. The symbol of this historical event was the destruction of the then capital of Ayutthaya – and the old royal palace. The new was build in the middle of 1782 and finished in 1785 – at least parts of it. Rama I. is responsible for this highlight of Siamese history; he could not bear to see Thailand on its knees after the defeat against Burma. Therefore, the royal palace at the same time works as important component of managing a national disgrace. Surprisingly: It wasn’t until 2006 that both natives and tourists were able to admire the newest building of the grand palace. The genesis is not finished yet.

Grosser Palast (Grand Palace) in Bangkok

Splendor and pride wherever you look – The grand palace

All in all, the grand palace is divided into 4 important sections. The so-called wade to Phra Kaeo connects to the inner, center and the exterior yard as well, which even today as the king’s temple causes big admiration. Numerous monuments and an upper terrace bear witness of the splendor of the entire Bangkok royal palace. As beautiful as the remaining parts of the grand palace may be: Many observers describe the center yard as the most spectacular, which also consists of 4 further sections. Among other things palaces lend their unique attraction to those areas. Altogether measurements tell us that the entire area of the royal palace amounts to more than 2,5 km ². Accordingly the grand palace in Bangkok is indeed worthy of its name.

Kraftort Grosser Palast Bangkok

An important pillar of tourism and a great place of strength

The fact that year after year a great many tourists visit the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand particularly because of the grand palace may not surprise anybody. Over 100 buildings within one of the most famous buildings in Bangkok earn themselves the tourists’ attentions who also do not mind the 200 Baht admittance fee. Each day visitors have until 15:30 o’clock 7 hours to look view the whole facility in detail.

But careful: Short clothes are frowned upon and can lead with a high chance of probability to being denied entrance. Those who suffer that fate have every right to be annoyed. Because this way he misses out on all the treasures of Siams past, of which the emerald Buddha is a part of. It is not, as for the name or the color suggest, made from emerald, but rather Jade and is as already mentioned located in the temple wades to Phra Kaeo and to the natives still is an indication of past glory.

Grand Palace Bangkok:

Adress: Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 623 5500
Opening times: Monday-Sunday 08:30-15:30