Machu Pichu - Peru

Machu Piccu

Aguas Calientes, Peru

If you have been lucky enough to experience Machu Picchu up close, you know about the energetic aura of this unique place. The young archeologist, Hiram Bingham, graduate of the renowned Yale University, though he was dreaming, when he discovered this miracle work on July 1911. On a swaying suspension bridge he had crossed the Urubamba with a small group and had afterwards ascended the steep mountain-slope. There he looked on the remnants of a culture, which astonishes people to this very day all over the world.

Machu Picchu Peru

Machu Picchu – A poem of stone

A poem of stone, framed by the green wreath of the surrounding mountains and the snow-white panorama of the Andes glaciers. It was listed by the UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1983. This great Machu Picchu was left to us by the Incas. Until this day it puzzles people why this building was created. The troubles and strains, the people took on themselves must have been indescribable. The huge Inca constructions were created with the simplest tools. The enormous stone blocks originate from a quarry about 500 meters below.

How did the Incas manage to lift the up to 20 tons heavy cuboids? Also, the cuboids are fitted together so precisely without mortars not even that a knife blade can be pushed between them. Comparisons with the pyramids in Egypt, build around 2600 BC, were made. Aside from the time line, is there a similar spiritual strength source? Can a strength place stimulate the mind and spur it into extreme creativity – allowing it to solve even the most difficult tasks? It almost seems like it.

Machu Piccu - Andengebirge Peru

But a strength place is also a place for contemplation. In this remote mountain landscape the priests of the sun empire were closer to their sky Gods more near as then anywhere else. A strength place at the same time also serves as a retreat. At the sight of this nest of comfort, this impregnable fortress, the thought comes to mind that the Incas were looking for a safe place here. A safe place from the greed and cruelty of the Spanish conquerors. The numerically superior Inca people did not stand a chance against the „Conquistadores “weaponry. The Incas did not even know horses at that time. They drew strength from the strength place Machu Picchu and courageously marched from there against the invaders into the fight they could not win.

Machu Picchu - Kraftort Anden - Peru

Machu Picchu – Awesome place of strength in the clouds

A present day traveler will need a good condition. If you want to roam the whole city, he has to ascend more than three thousand steps. „The sons of the sun “build the facility in such a way that each building is on another height. Therefore the houses had to be connected by stairs. More than a hundred of such outside staircases have been preserved in Machu Picchu up to this day. The center of the Inca city is the holy temple district. Here in the center you can find Machu Picchu’s sun observatory, carved from rock, – the Intihuatana. At this strength place the energy of the entire area seems to come together. You should respect the Inca and restrain yourself from touching the sun stone. It is perfectly sufficient to spread out your arms over it in order to absorb its energetic effect.

Another source of inspiration in Machu Picchu can be found on the sun temples rock ground. From a sculpture the eyes of the Pachamama (mother earth) are looking upon you. For the peoples of the Andes she is mother earth personified, who protects, feeds and is capable of ritual communication. The Pachamama is the intermediary between the upper world and the underworld. She is female and male. Machu Picchu is a perfect strength place for both sexes.