Das Paxmal am Wahlensee
Wahlenstadt Paxmal Temple

Above Walenstadtberg at 1290 meters about sea level we find a place called Schrina-Hochrugg. Surrounded of the impressing Churfirsten mountains we have a beautiful view on the lake of Walen and the alps.

Here, we find a good example, how human and art can cooperate, to build a place of the strength and freedom by human hands.

The Lovers - Karl Bickel - Paxmal

In the years 1913/1914, it was probably not jet consciously to the young artist Karl Bickel, that he would feel destined to etablish a place of  freedom as his life`s work here. In 25 years, the lonely artist created under huge material and social missings, and with large self-discipline, a great monument, the Paxmal. The left wall contents the earthconnected life: A pair of people in its beeing, love and generation. The right wall is dedicated to the mental life: the awakenings, the struggles, the lookings and the coming ups.

A beautiful view at Paxmal temple

Those spiritual meanings, who comes to the printout here, refine the quality of the radiant emittance and the whole system raises to one true place of strength with 18`5000 Bovis units.

This place is not a cult place, but a place of the meditation over us, our ways of life and the society.

Das Paxmal am Wahlensee
Place of strength the Paxmal

Paxmal – Canton St. Gallen

N47° 08.531′ / E09° 16.215′