Magic Places - Places of strength
  • are not spectacular sites at first, where all the big wonders of the world are happening, but places emanating rather unfiltered vibrations creating a response in all beings.

  • are synonimous with a highened electrical conductivity of the soil ( similar to acupuncture points ) causing a loss of warmth that can be proved by infrared measurements.

  • often show up in form of luxuriant growth, increased moss growth and high humidity.

  • can be detected with different instruments. Here, the vibratory qualities are indicated in “Bovis units”.

Magische Orte der Schweiz

Magic places (or power places) are points on the earth, where energy mounts to the surface like for acupuncture points in humans and animals. And like every acupuncture point differs in quality and effect, it is the same for erery no “earth point” differes to another. Energy does not equal energy, and not every energy is good for everyone. Where as one might feel refreshed and vitalized someone else reacts with unspecific irritation.

To find the energy sources of the earth one need plenty of time, good observation ability, empathy and concentration. Start within on your home to discover the different types of energy: are there places where you feel more ease, or where you are more prone to irritability? Are there spots where you feel colder or warmer? Where is the cat sitting, where the dog? Where are your plants blooming, where do they become stunted?

All conscient energies recognize each other. To really recognize a power spot it is essential to give up any cliché about it and to sharpen our senses . Only in this way we will learn to avoid places where the energy is too strong for us and stop running after every possible energy, thus deverting into a blunt magic-place-tourist.

So, if you are looking for a magic place, start finding your own magic first.

The road maps shown are not meant to be instructions to “grab the magic place”. We do not encourage mass-tourism to power places, as it only depletes the spot (like Stonhenge). We would love to sensitize to get closer ourselves and our environment with more carefulness and respect. We do need nature, she nurtures us on the deepest level – if we only could open up for space, time and silence. Magic places are not meant to be fast-food for our souls, but because of their high vibrations they can help us to raise our consciousness and find the silence and peace we desperately need.

In this sence we invite you to feel touched by the silent beauty, strength, charm of the pictures, dive into it, flow with it, take your time:

Where the slowness gets lost, violence takes residence…