Stonehenge in the south of England


Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7DE, United Kingdom

Stonehenge in the south of England is a magic place of worship. Archeologists dated the age of this building to about 5,000 years. These are stone, which fascinate the whole world. Even the UNESCO already declared the earthworks to be part of the world cultural heritage in 1986.

Stonehenge - Kraftort der alten Kelten

The set up of Stonehenge

The strength place Stonehenge consists of earthworks, which are surrounded by unhewn stones. This megalith construct consists of several stone circles concentrically put on. Everyone surely knows the picture of the two outstanding stone circles, which are connected and/or bridged by capstones. The internal structure of the earthworks is horseshoe shaped, it was originally formed by five connected stones, the trilithons. These are two supporting stones, carrying a capstone lying above. The other arrangements made up of smaller stones and the recesses regularly put on in the ground are less known.

Stonehenge Megalithen

Was this strength place an early observatory?

This is a reasonable assumption, because the stones were all arranged following the sun turn and the day-and-night-cycle. And if this assumption should be correct, it concerned the correct time for sowing the seed and harvesting. Or did Stonehenge always have a deeper lying, spiritual reason?

That for the construction of this building enormous stones which had to be transported from as far as 400 kilometers away, were needed is seen as a fact. One of the big mysteries is why these specific stones were brought to this place. Why did people go through this enormous effort? After all, these giant stones had to be moved by 250 – 1,000 workers. Who had charged these people? Who paid them? Or was it a religious motivated action and was therefore achieved voluntarily? All these questions will not be answered today. The stones keep their secret. And therein also lies the fascination of Stonehenge, all these mysteries and secrets, which have formed around this strength place.

In a world, in which everything is organized, secrets have the status of the special. And who goes to visit Stonehenge, can experience something completely fundamental. An old world revelation, that does not go against the newest scientific trends, but rather conforms itself with them. An amazing compliance of esotericism and scientific archeology.


Mega Kult- und Kraftort Stonehenge in Südengland

Stonehenge – A strength place with a high degree of attraction

Stonehenge - Anordnung der SteineThis pilgrimage site attracts people from all over the world. Some see the stones from the viewpoint of historical science and others recognizing the mystical strength of this special place. The renewed interest in nature religions and in England’s ancient history surely contributed to their popularity. Some people define themselves as druids, for them this grave site is of special importance. Others are simply deeply connected to nature and the stars and see Stonehenge as a point, which connects all of them with one another.

And the third group visits this world cultural heritage for cultural motivations and is taught otherwise when they experience them. Because these stones are not just of historical value. Their aura is so powerful that some returned from a visit a changed man. The stones of Stonehenge affect people’s souls like a magnet. Perhaps that is where their mystery lies in.