Valley of Binn

Valley of Binn - Magic Places of Switzerland
The village of Binn - Valais Switzerland

Without ever heard something about force places and force zones, the wanderer perhaps is surprised, after a walk through the valley  of Binn, how much joyful life energy he gets when he returns from the vally. The vally of Binn is well-known for its wealth of minerals! But not only friends of minerals will be happy here, pressuposed, you are in good conditions…

The wild nature and the pictorial village of Binn carry us off into a back dated time and presents us with an abundance of colors and forms.

Way to Lengenbach mine

The mine of Lengenbach is a good example for the fact, that force places don`t have to bespectacular. In the opposite: Here, we stand almost disbelievingly before a enormous heaps of crushed stones, that looks like a building site, and we are surprised to find a place of force with not less than 45`000 Bovis units! How the area probably looked like, before human has begun with the wide reduction of the minerals, we ask us inevitably. This is the most famous minaral place in Switzerland! It was already opened in 1730 and we find here 60 different minerals.

The valley of Binn

Here, we are requested, to turn away from the visual, to look inside and to evaluate the quality of this place not on the basis of its appearance. In the heap of crushed stones, we will find a lot of small crystals  to collect.

For most of the peoples who will travel through the valley of Binn, it will feel like a rejuvenation course.

Valley of Binn - Magic Places of Switzerland
Valley of Binn

Valley of Binn – Canton Valais

N46° 21.919′ / E08° 13.232′