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Magic Places Directory
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A short Site-Review

Magic Places are characterized by the amount of bio energy that emanates from the surrounding ground. This bio energy is thought to have the same type of healing powers that acupuncture and acupressure does in the human body.

These magic places do not have the same effects on everyone and therefore it is recommended that you seek out the places that give you the feelings that you are looking for. No matter where you are you can find these magical places, however, if you find yourself in Switzerland, there is a website that you can go to. This site is a magic places directory of all the magical places and points of interrest for Switzerland.

The website is called Magic Places in Switzerland and it is a great resource for you checkout.

Magic Guide to Mystical Swiss Places – Best Places in Switzerland and others just have a look…


Magic Places Directory for Switzerland and the World

The Magic Places of Switzerland website is really easy to navigate with the tabs located across the top of the page which are shortcuts to the important pages inside the site. The tabs are called Locations/ World, Locations/ Switzerland, Places of Strength, Bovis Unit and Credits.

Locations/ World – When you hover over this tab a list of the top magic places all over the world appears. By clicking on any one of the links you will be brought to a new page that gives details about the place and it also includes pictures.

Locations/ Switzerland – When you hover over this tab and drop down list pops up and it shows the magic places throughout Switzerland. Each place has its own page and story that goes along with it.

Places of Strength – This tab takes you to a page that explains the concept of magic places. It gives in depth explanations.

Bovis Unit – This tab takes you directly to a page that explains in detail the origin of the unit of measure of the positive and negative bio energies in any substance.

Credits – This tab takes you to a page that lists the credits for all of the work and information found on the website.

Final Thoughts

Having a resource like this website is unbelievable, I could not imagine anyone who is interested in finding the location of the magic places in Switzerland not visiting this website. It takes all the guess workout by telling you which places are the best, where they are and how to get there. Along with listing all the places in Switzerland, there is a tab for finding the magic places throughout the world. For those who are fluent in German, there is a German language only blog on the website.

If you are are in search of the most magic places on earth and in particular Switzerland, you really need to checkout this Magic Places Directory website.

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