Gulch of the Aare

Gulch of the Aare
View out of the Gulch of the Aare

Between Meiringen and  Willingen in the valley of Hasli we find as leftover from the ice age a powerful rock barrier, the Kirchet. A long time before, as the glaciers reaches deeply into the valley, there already arises deep cuts under the ice.

Stones and water worked as inexorable file further and it developed during thousands of years the gulch of the Aare.

Cliffs in the Aare Gorge

Through the wash away, large surfaces aborted. You can determine this at the almost vertical rocks. With enormous walls on both sides the rocks stands there and at the closest place they are hardly one meter apart. Only briefly before noon meagerly the sun lights into the gulch. Today, this 1`400 meter long and 200 meter deep nature miracle can be reached over a bar and tunnels to be safely wandered through.

– an experience for young and old.

Wooden pier in the gulch of the Aare

The gulch is open daily from April till the of November depending on the weather situation. In July and August there is every Wednesday and Friday at 21:00 a charm evening lighting.


West entrance ++41 +33 971 40 48 / East entrance ++41 +33 971 10 48

Gulch of the Aare
Gulch of the Aare - Meiringen

Gulch of the Aare – Canton Bern

N46° 43.044′ / E08° 12.851′