Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza – Cheops Pyramid

Khufu’s Horizon – Al Ahram – Giza, Egypt

Once the Cheops pyramid, also called the big pyramid, was 146.59 meters highly, today it still measures 138.75 meters. It is considered to be the highest pyramid in the world and it is ranked among the seven world wonders of the antiquity.

The Cheops pyramid is located in Giza, a city on the western bank of the Nile, at a distance of only 20 km of the Egyptian capital of Cairo. Giza has roughly 3.3 million inhabitants and is the third biggest metropolis of the North African state. It belongs to the tourist magnets of the world, because not only the Cheops pyramid attracts millions of visitors, but the entire Giza plateau with its world-renown historical buildings. Landmarks like the king graves and temple, the great pyramid of Giza as well as its smaller “sisters” and the sphinx form an ensemble of unique buildings.

Cheops pyramid in Giza by camel

The Cheops pyramid – Khufu’s Horizon
Numbers and facts of a world wonder of the antiquity

The even symmetry and the entire architectural conception of the Cheops pyramid leaves everyone, who sees it for himself, astonished. Even those who have already admired it in numerous pictures or films, stand awestruck before the big pyramid, which was established during the 4th dynasty. Their total volume covers 2.583.283 m ³, its sides length is 230 meters. Their designers succeeded in making the four sides of the Cheops pyramid evenly long with a difference of less than one part per thousand. Limestone is frequently found in the region and served as the predominant building material. The former lining from white Tura limestone was already cleared away in the Middle Ages.

The construction of the Cheops pyramid took place on behalf of Pharaoh Cheops, who was called Chufu in ancient Egyptian and who ruled approx. from 2620 to 2580 v. Chr. With the old Egyptians the entire facility was called “Achet Chufu “which meant something like “horizon of Cheops”. The great pyramid is accurately aligned towards all four directions.

It is assumed that the Pharaoh was buried in the “king chamber” of the Cheops pyramid, where the sarcophagus stands. However neither his body nor grave gifts have been found – the Egyptian relics were frequently pillaged ages ago. The original entrance of the Cheops pyramid can be found at the north side, the inside of the great pyramid consists of three main chambers.

Place of strength - Cheops Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The Cheops pyramid as place of strength

Many people believe, the Cheops pyramid has a particularly great importance as a so-called strength place. They locally experience a massive never before felt energy emanating from the building. This intensive experience is described among other things as such: Imagine that one muscle group of the body – for example the lower arm – is tensed for a while. After only a few seconds no even muscle work is possible anymore, and the clenched strength makes everything start to tremble. There are also visitors, who have experienced an even humming.

The Cheops Pyramid (the big Pyramid) - Egypt

In esotericism a strength place or magic place a place is a place, to which mostly positive feelings are attributed. Such a strength place, of which the Cheops is pyramid of one the most well-known, radiates something calming and is supposed to be mind-expanding and strengthening. Usually a strength place is settled geographically, where there is supposed to be a special earth radiation. Strength places also play a role in psychotherapy, e.g. during the depth relaxation. In the grave chamber of the Cheops pyramid a vibrating radiation of 38′ 000 Bovis units prevails!