Ayers Rock (Uluru) - Australia

Uluru – Ayers Rock

Uluṟu – Kata Tjuṯa National Park, Australia

Ayers rock in Australia is one of the most well-known strength places in the world. Located almost in the countries immediate the geographical center the striking rock formation rises from the Australian desert. Uluru, like the Aborigines call this holy place, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Ayers rock originally was a gray sandstone rock with cave like recesses, which by now are completely covered with the characteristic iron oxide. With a height of 346 meters, an extent of 9.4 kilometers and a surface of 3,33 km ² Ayers rock is the largest rock in all of Australia and part of an enormous underground rock formation. The most common geological origin theory assumes the old rock was formed out of injected sediment deposits of different deposit processes in the Amadeus basin some 500-600 million years ago.

Ayers Rock - A strong place of strength in Australia

Ayers rock in mythology

According to the Australian native’s mythology the bodies of the ancestors transformed into hills, rock, caves, lakes and other characteristic landscape formations. Ayers rock is such a place. The paths, which the ancestors followed in dream time, connect the holy strength places as dream paths. In the process of the annual cycles the Aboriginal tribes undertook each year traditional migrations along the routes, they sang songs, telling of the myths of the dream time and giving guidance to each other for these journeys between the strength places. At holy places like Ayers rock, where the mythical creatures live, the natives to this very day different exercise rituals, in order to summon the Kurunba or the spirit of the strength place for the well-being of the tribe or the land.

Many people who visit Ayers rock, are tempted to try and climb the rock. This is a point of controversy between the Aborigines and the National Park Service, who administer the entire area of Uluru Kata Tjuta national park. There are marked trails, which lead straight over the Ayers rock’s summit and offer visitors a spectacular view. So far over 25 people died during the such a climb due to the weather conditions and the strains of the climb, which has lead the Aborigines to advise against climbing the rock.

Climbing Uluru - Ayers Rock, Australian Outback

Uluru – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ayers rock belongs to the world cultural heritage and has been an important strength place to the local Anangu Aborigines for more than 10,000 years as the center of the universe and homeland of mother earth, which has to be respected. The Anangu tribe today stops visitors from photographing or entering certain sections of Uluru as Ayers rock is called again today. The withdrawal of material assets from the strength place is also not allowed, since this disturbs the spirits rest.