Reichenbach Falls

Place of strength Reichenbach falls

Near Meiringen in the canton Bern is a further place of strength, the Reichenbach falls. There, people comes into the benfit of this unique natural miracle. (30`000 Bovis units)

Here by the way died Arthur Conan Doyles novel hero Sherlock Holmes. In the criminal story “The last fall” Sherlock Holmes has a fight with professor Moriarty along the Reichenbach falls and both felt into the deep.

 Water digs its way through the rock - Magical Reichenbach Falls

With the Reichanbach course you will overcome the 240 meter elevator difference in approx. 10 min. From the mountain station, you have the first great view on the falls, which are filled with meltwater. In spring, they have much more water than in the rest of the year!

Over a narrow  way, you reach the upper part of the falls. The silence above the noice from down seems like a tender suggestion on what is missing in the haste of  life. – the peace of the soul.

Down however the noice is enormous “like if water is mixed with fire” huge clouds of fine, transparent water passing by and you will get adeep view at the wet element.

Here Sherlock Holmes fell to his death - Deadly Reichenbach Falls?

Even if you are primarily astonished by the enormous noise and strength of the falling water, the falls seems to calm down the visitors and gives them a great view into the beauty of the nature.

A magic place with much movement, but also a place with good impressions at the beauty of the forms.

Reichenbach Falls - Canton Bern, Switzerland

Reichenbach Falls – Canton Bern

N46° 42.830′ / E08° 10.974′