Emma Kunz Cave

Magic Places - Emma Kunz Cave

Also between Zürich and Baden, we find a very special place of force, the Emma Kunz cave near Würenlos. In this former Roman quarry we find a qualitatively high oscillation, which makes this place to a unique place of power.

Sensitive humans, who are open for those forces will find here a natural strenght on all levels of its creature.

A former, Roman quarry

Consciously or unconsciously, humans become through the contact with this place a new perception experience. On the basis of the sketch are exactly the places in the cave drawn in and provided with the respective Bovis units, where human, standing in front of the shelly limestone, take up the appropriate radiations.

At the start of the path is a telluric threshold. The Bovis units sinks here to negative 3`000 and rise then with each step along the way up to 22`000. It is importantly to go exactly the same way as represented on the sketch.

Outside the Emma Kunz cave

In the center of the cave you will get an excellent cosmoterrestric exchange. With 17`000 Bovis units, you will find there a more compensatorily energy value.

To be able to explore the cave for half an hour unimpaired, you have to announce your visit at the Emma Kunz center!

Monday to Friday, 08.00 – 12.00 a.m. and 13.30 – 17.00 p.m. Phone ++41 56 424 20 60

Place of strength - Emma Kunz cave
Magical Places of Switzerland - Emma Kunz cave
Emma Kunz Cave

Emma Kunz Cave – Canton Aargau

N47° 26.906′ / E08° 21.474′